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About Us

We first became exposed to some of the concepts of Geomancy and Geopathic Stress when we attended a course on Earth Energies and Sacred Sites whilst living in Adelaide in 1988.

We subsequently moved back home to Auckland and in 1990 we had our home checked out for Geopathic Stress by Albino Gola. Even at this stage I had a feeling that I would become far more involved in this area in later years.

In 1992 we moved into a new town house and immediately I had problems sleeping and it was then that I was introduced to the electro-magnetic side of the issue. Our bed was very close to the main circuit board and I was sensitive to this. For the next 8 years we turned off most of the circuit breakers each night before sleep.

In subsequent houses I have gained more knowledge and finding similar issues progressed onto installing demand switches, shielding cabling and relocating wiring etc.

Early in 2011 I decided that I would really like to become a lot more serious in pursuing this subject and spent a lot of time reading books and gathering information from the Internet. I then discovered a very good course in this subject at the Australian College of Environmental Studies and have subsequently completed my Certificate in EMF Testing. As a very practical person and now with considerable understanding and experience I feel confident to offer my services in this very important but often poorly understood subject; to provide high quality analysis, reporting and project management of remediation strategies.

I have invested in some very capable equipment and use Spectrum Analysers for both low and high frequency analysis, Gigahertz Solutions meters for high frequency peak readings, a body voltage meter, and a Stetzermeter for Dirty Electricity; and have the ability to visually display the results of Dirty Electricity on an oscilloscope, thanks to Stetzer Electrical.

July 2017
Due to a recent high level of exposure to 5 GHz Wi-Fi and the subsequent increased sensitivity that this has developed I am no longer testing properties or consulting on Electro-Pollution issues.

Paul Waddell