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How Does Electro-Pollution Possibly Affect My Health

How to switch Wi-Fi off and on at your router and connected devices

News Flash. Another exceptional movie has just been released called Microwaves, Science & Lies. I highly recommed that you watch this movie.
Also please watch Take Back Your Power. It is an exposé on Smart Meters and well worth viewing as is Resonance -Beings of Frequency. Search for this title on YouTube. These are MUST SEE movies.

Articles I Have Written and My Videos

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Electro-pollution from Smart Meters By Paul Waddell
(Organic NZ Sept/Oct 2012)

Smart Meters: The Health Warnings Continue By Paul Waddell
(Organic NZ Jan/Feb 2013)

Smart Meters- Do they pose a health risk, a podcast about smart meters and electro-pollution By Paul Waddell


Videos I Have Been Watching.

Some of these are just part one of a series and I would recommend that you continue on and watch the full series or if you like the speaker find some of their other videos.

Smart Meters and EMR
Dirty Electricity
Cell Phones and Cancer
EMF, EMR and Electro-Sensitivity  

Even French cosmetics manufacturer Clarins recognises the effects of EMR. Clarins_3p-Interview by micro-ondes

Wi-Fi in Schools